Einstein’s universe space and time

Einstein’s universe space and time

♣) Einstein’s universe

In Einstein’s universe, space and time we no longer absolute, there’s no single time that exists for everyone. In the universe no distance in space that everyone can agree on.

Einstein's universe space and time Einstein’s universe space and time

Einstein’s universe space and time

space and time like classical velocities are only relative, Einstein prefer to think of a single entity, space-time in which events and measurements to place, one observer might see two events as separated by a large distance, but occurring at almost the same point in time while another observer views the same two events as occurring nearby in space, but far apart in time while the individual space and time separations will be different.

 ♣) Einstein’s equations

Einstein’s equations allow the two observers to agree on the combined distance through space-time.

Einsteins-Universes Einsteins-Universes


It wasn’t just her idea about space and time that were altered by Einstein’s theory of relativity, Einstein also realized that we should have to reconsider the whole idea of energy, if we look closely at a proton in a particle accelerator it is easy for scientists to see that only some of the energy that we apply actually increases the speed of the particle, the remainder simply increases the mass of the particle the faster it goes the heavier it gets when it is traveling at almost the speed of light almost all of the energy we apply just makes it heavier that is why a particle with mass can never reach the speed of light, it gets heavier instead of going faster this fact is summed up in Einstein’s most famous equation perhaps the most famous equation all of science E equals MC squared

E = mc2

E:   Energy       m:  mass       c:  speed of light

Besides defining the energy of a body at rest the equal sign also indicates that matter can be converted into energy and vice versa, the conversion factor the speed of light squared is an enormous number

C= 299,792,458 m/s

According to Einstein’s equation, a tiny bit of mass can be converted into an enormous amount of energy.

 ♣) Nuclear Power = Electricity or Bombs?

But there’s more to E equals MC squared the atomic bombs, the recognition that mass can be converted into energy made it possible to understand the source of energy of the Sun and the stars, still a mystery in Einstein’s day, it also pave the way for the exploration of the mysterious room within the app, and the discovery of a whole menagerie of new particles created from pure energy and powerful particle accelerators.

In the early 21st century nuclear power plants provide about twenty percent of our nation’s electricity converting a time fraction of mass of each uranium atom into usable energy, perhaps even more than his idea about space and time Einstein’s mass-energy equation has had a far-reaching impact on our world, and our way of life, true and by the middle of the 21st century fusion reactors filled with Helium-3 (He-3) mind on the moon will convert even more mass into energy, and this will be with no dangerous byproducts.

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